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Audio download compilation of MMMF benefit 2014 / Tribute to Joe Strummer featuring Kevin McKinney & English Teeth, Larry Seaman, Les DeBauches, Colin Gilmore, MaryAnn, and The Painted Redstarts



Live audio WAV file downloads of Austin artists covering songs from Joe Strummer / The Clash at the Music Moves Mountains Foundation benefit concert / Tribute to Joe Strummer (partnered with Strummerville)  at The Continental Club on August 22, 2014 in Austin, TX.

Audio by Chris Green.

(c) 2020 Music Moves Mountains Foundation. All proceeds benefit movers and shakers at MMMF, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization helping make music therapy, education and outreach more accessible to those in need.

  1. “Brand New Cadillac” by MaryAnn
  2. “Know Your Rights” by MaryAnn
  3. “Coma Girl” by Colin Gilmore with MaryAnn
  4. “Silver & Gold” by Colin Gilmore with MaryAnn
  5. “London Calling” by Larry Seaman
  6. “Should I Stay or I Go” by Larry Seaman
  7. “Train In Vain” by Larry Seaman
  8. “1977” by Kevin McKinney & English Teeth
  9. “Police & Thieves” by Kevin McKinney & English Teeth
  10. “I’m So Bored With The USA” by Kevin McKinney & English Teeth
  11. “Jail Guitar Doors” by Kevin McKinney & English Teeth
  12. “White Riot” by Les DeBauches
  13. “Career Opportunities” by Les DeBauches
  14. “Somebody Got Murdered” by The Painted Redstarts
  15. “Johnny Appleseed” by The Painted Redstarts

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