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Music Moves Mountains Foundation

MOTTO:  The power of music can change lives.  Let’s use it to help those in need by giving hope, health, and happiness through the healing art of music.  Join together with us in our mission to make music therapy, music education, and community outreach more accessible to those in need!  

MMMF is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in the U.S.  Charity EIN# 45-5216562 

Special thank you to Pete Townshend and The Who for their donation of the usage of their song “Join Together” in our campaign video!  Here is the face and inspiration behind the Foundation (circa 2012).  He now is one of our own Movers and Shakers helping others in need!

MMMF Campaign Video



What a show and an incredible coming together of the community! Our Tribute to Stevie Wonder is in the books and will definitely go down in history. This was our first live show coming out of the pandemic, the first we have ever livestreamed with an audience, the first concert with a full band led by our sponsored artist Devin Gutierrez, the first I have produced working with five blind musicians, the first that Hudson worked with his bandmates completely independent, and just the best teamwork all around! The love and support was off the charts. And of course, my heart is full that we finally got to share the music of Stevie. It was just pure joy, good vibes, and fun times working with this amazing crew of musicians, volunteers and audience. Hats off to Collin Shook at the East Austin Piano Shop for trusting me with this adventure and juggling this circus like a boss. Thank you to our sponsors: Homeslice Pizza, Music Water, Juiceland, Tim Kerr, and Space Rehearsal.  Props to Kim Yarbrough for capturing the magic with these beautiful shots (feel free to tag and use, and credit Kim for her work). You can re-watch the livestream anytime from MMMF’s FB or YT channel. Thank you to everyone that joined us, donated, and helped us raise funds for music therapy, education and outreach! -JF

The Music Moves Mountains Foundation hosted its annual benefit concert on June 5th, 2021 at the East Austin Piano Shop with a celebration of Stevie Wonder with sponsored artist Devin Gutierrez (keys/vocals/harmonica) and his band Devin G and the Wonder Vault featuring alumni from the Texas School for the Blind: D-Madness (bass), Rodney Hyder (drums), Jimmy Vinson (keys), and Marcus Cardwell (sax/flute), plus special guests Brad Shultz (guitar), Jeff Lofton (trumpet), James Robinson (guest vocals), Sheree Smith (lead and backing vocals), Julianna Sheffield (BV) and Georgia Bramhall (BV). 


Check out our YouTube playlist of highlights from our Tribute to Stevie Wonder 6/5/21




MISSION STATEMENT:  The Music Moves Mountains Foundation is a perpetual series of projects, programs, and services utilizing the scientifically proven powers of music to change and improve the quality of lives. The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that uses tax-deductible donations to facilitate its goal in making music therapy, music education, and community outreach more accessible to those in need. MMMF’s work is a vital resource that supports both the music community and our most vulnerable populations.

WE SERVE:  Children, adults, and seniors suffering mental, emotional, or physical illnesses, developmental disabilities or disorders, depression or loss, trauma or stress, as well as underserved and at-risk communities and schools.  We also offer opportunities to partner with musicians, music educators, music therapists, and other organizations.


“All Abilities Rock” – Community music workshops and experiences, adaptive music education/mentorship, and sensory-friendly concerts for children and adults with disabilities or special needs

“Play It Forward” – A cooperative effort to offer donated musical instruments, music scholarships, and mentorship to low-income or at-risk individuals who commit, in return, to donate their time and talent to someone in need

“Feeding The Soul” – A series of musical performances and outreach at hospitals, memory care and nursing homes, VA centers, rehab centers, hospice care, homeless shelters, etc.

SERVICES: Financial aid to qualifying applicants for Music Therapy services by a Board-certified Music Therapist and/or referral to an MT

REACH:  Based in Central Oklahoma and Texas, the Foundation currently is regional, but hopes to maximize access and growth nationally with the support of patrons, sponsors, and giving-institutions.  Priority will be given to underserved/special needs individuals and communities based on availability of funds.  We provide the community a resource that educates, empowers, strengthens and supports its citizens in need while employing local musicians, music educators, and music therapists.

Need: In America, there is a lot of support in the Northeast and on the Westcoast for Music Therapy.  There is a vast gap in services and programs everywhere in between.  Texas in particular does not recognize Music Therapy for state board certification which is needed for regulation and for insurance companies to cover it.  Oklahoma just passed legislation to recognize MT as a practice, yet is one of only seven states in the nation that does not require insurance companies to cover therapy services for Autism Spectrum Disorder, among other disorders and disabilities.  So, for many seeking Music Therapy, it can be too costly.  All the while, cuts in public funding for Arts programs and special needs’ services in schools, as well as mental health services keep increasing, while healthcare costs continue to go up.  Even if some therapies are covered by insurance, many are considered alternative and can be hard to qualify for.  We want to fill the gap effecting marginalized populations by making music more accessible for those in need, however it fits them.

Clinically Proven Results Include:

  • Recovery and development of speech, memory, and motor coordination for victims of stroke, brain injuries, amnesia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Relief and healing progression for life altering diseases and pain management
  • Improvement of communication, focus, regulation, social and behavioral skills for Autism/ Asperger’s Syndrome/ ADD/ADHD /Sensory Processing Disorder/ Down’s Syndrome/ developmental challenges
  • Restoration of purpose, hope, strength, connection, and discipline to those fighting physical or substance abuse, depression, PTSD, trauma, stress, grief, anxiety, bullying, or low self-esteem
  • Rhythmic balance for equilibrium, seizures, tremors, stutters, or ticks

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