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MMMF Board of Directors:

President:  Stevie Ray Gilbert, (Dallas, TX) https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-ray-gilbert-92277b1a7/

Vice-President:  Jimmy Frost, Jr. (Norman, OK)

Treasurer/Secretary:  Drew Dillard (Austin, TX) https://www.linkedin.com/in/drew-dillard-aa91a621/

Sponsor/Auction Coordinator:  Kerry Tartack (Austin, TX)

Program/Services Advisor:  Tom Wheelus (Hugo, OK) Retired Music Therapist/Educator/Musician Tom Wheelus Bio

Past President:  Wayne Duncan (Austin, TX) http://www.linkedin.com/in/wayneduncan

About the Founder & Director:  Julie Frost has worked in the Music and Arts industry for over 25 years and continues to be an advocate for artists.  She studied Journalism at Oklahoma University and Commercial Music Management at Austin Community College.  Born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma, she has called Austin, Norman, and New Orleans home.  She has run her own music management firm, co-founded an indie record label, operated booking, publicity, publishing and concert production companies, co-produced three albums, raised funds and awareness for the Arts, and is a published author of music-related articles, liner notes, and photography.

After becoming a single mother of a special needs child, Julie’s focus shifted, and she decided to use her music industry and non-profit skills to make a change in her community.  Witnessing the power of music in her son’s life, she was on a mission to find music resources to help him and surprisingly found very little that were accessible.  That solo mission turned into a community mission.  She then was committed to helping others access and experience that same power of music however it was needed.   Her son Hudson, who is the inspiration behind the Foundation, is now a volunteer at MMMF using his musical talent to help others in need.   http://www.linkedin.com/in/jfrost 

Meet Julie Frost of Music Moves Mountains Foundation – Voyage Austin

Contact: julie.frost (at) musicmovesmountains.org

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Note of inspiration from Julie Frost:

When I launched MMMF in 2012, my son (who is a huge Who fan) and I reached out to The Who for support in our campaign video.  We asked permission to use their song “Join Together” as MMMF’s anthem, and they did not hesitate to donate the rights and get behind us.  It all came full circle when we had the chance to meet them and thank them personally – and then sing the very song “Join Together” with thousands of people at their concert.  The guys were very gracious knowing my son’s challenges and focused on his ability by inviting him onstage to play during sound check (which they allowed due to his sensory issues and anxiety in case he couldn’t make it through the concert).  The band, their management, and staff truly understand the power of music and were very supportive in giving him this opportunity.  It was a moving experience that we’ll never forget, and it gives us continued inspiration to keep pushing towards our goal to help others.

In February of 2017, Hudson finally had the opportunity to play a Who song with a dream band for the first time!